About Seaglet

  Qingdao Huahang Seaglet Environmental Technology Ltd. has core and independent intellectual property technology of lidar and microwave radar, including the first pulsed coherent Doppler wind lidar, High Spectral Resolution Lidar and sea detection by SAR, etc .
     According to the demand of weather detection, disaster warning , atmosphere-marine environment monitoring, the products, which include laser, microwave, visible light and infrared remote sensing device carried on various platforms, are serving the domains of detailed meteorological detection, wind energy and offshore oil and gas exploration, environmental pollution monitoring and aerospace.



SEAGLET Co., Ltd has taken on the tasks of research, production, integrating and marketing the cloud & aerosol environmental lidar and served various air quality applications. We are dedicated to monitoring atmosphere omnibearingly and being the protector of atmospheric environment.SEAGLET Ltd. can serve the exploitation, operation, improvement, maintenance and optimization of wind farm projects and wind turbines with the remote sensors. Our value proposition is to reduce the uncertainties, costs and increase the profit for customers, including wind farm operators, developers, wind turbines manufacturers and designers.









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